The man and his work

Marcel Carbonel

Marcel Carbonel Santons are linked to the history of the Christmas crib figures of Provence. He was born in Marseille and it is in this city that Marcel Carbonel marked his time creating the santons, bringing him a uniquely recognized style. The finely crafted clay figures are hand painted in bright, colorful, tempura paints with strict attention to authenticity. A family business since 1935 the Santons of Marcel Carbonel and his family continue to produce the “Little Saints”, proudly imported by a small company in Maine.

At Santons de France USA we sell only the santons of Marcel Carbonel. We stock the three most popular sizes: #1 cricket (1.5″), #2 elite (2.5″) and #3 grande (3.5″). We also carry many Carbonel accessories, stables and buildings. Special orders can be taken for puce, #4 and #5.

We offer personalized customer service, track your purchases and offer “wish list” services for friends and family to grow your collections.